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Aloe Beautiful Organic Foundation

  • Lightweight and comfortable aloe-based formula that goes on SMOOTH and EVEN with a MATTE finish. Lasts all day with a light all-natural yummy vanilla scent.


  • Versatile shade range to match any skin tone - colors can also be combined for a custom shade.


  • Aloe beautiful is hypoallergenic and is perfect for sensitive or acne prone skin. Our healthy and natural non toxic non gmo ingredients will make you feel amazing - inside and out!


  • Anti aging and hydrating formula with Aloe Shea Butter and Vitamin E will smooth wrinkles, dry spots, and restore a youthful appearance.


  • Made with certified ORGANIC and ALL NATURAL ingredients - ZERO artificial colors or preservatives and made in the USA. 100% VEGAN cruelty-free and GLUTEN-FREE face makeup

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