Due To Covid 19 pandemic we are experiencing a 3-4 week shipping times due to the lock down. We hope everyone stays blessed and safe
Due To Covid 19 pandemic we are experiencing a 3-4 week shipping times due to the lock down. We hope everyone stays blessed and safe

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Argan Oil: The Skin Care Secret That Has Everyone Talking

Argan Oil: The Skin Care Secret That Has Everyone Talking

There comes a time in every woman’s life (you too, guys) where we look in the mirror and realize our skin just isn’t as bright, moisturized, or ‘youthful’ as it was in our early 20’s. Whether we find ‘teenage acne’ returning, makeup settling into fine lines, or stretch marks creeping up in the least flattering places, it’s important to remember that aging really does happen to us all (yes, even you Cindy Crawford).


Naturally, we jump on the internet and research quick injections or non-invasive procedures, ‘miracle’ vitamin supplements, or luxurious (and over-priced) creams to slather on in the a.m… p.m... and frankly, any free moment we have. Before you call your local dermatologist, order a infomercial quick-fix, or spend your Christmas bonus on mis-leading chemicals, let’s take a step back in time.


Don’t worry, this is a only quick history lesson, ladies. As early as 600 BCE, Moroccan women (specifically, the Berber women) have used the nuts from a specific tree to heal wounds, manage skin disorders, and maintain the youthfulness of their hair, skin, and nails. Only when a popular explorer learned about the oil’s health benefits for skincare and beyond, then did it spread to the elite class of Europe. Eventually, the oil made it’s way over to the United States, where it recently became the trending topic in the anti-aging industry. In 2018, you don’t have to be an A-lister to gain access to its benefits.


I’m sure many of you have guessed which oil we are talking about … argan oil. This potent oil has several therapeutic and healing capabilities due to its Vitamin A and Vitamin E. Packed with antioxidants, omega-6 essential fatty acids and linoleic acid (say what now?), its benefits include relieving inflammation while moisturizing the skin. Frankly, all you need to know is that this freakin’ works!


As if that isn’t enough to convince us to switch over to this Berber beauty secret, the multi-tasking oil solves a few other skin conditions that may add years to our overall appearance.




This is the most common reason women and beauty experts recommend argan oil, for its anti-aging benefits. Dry skin shows imperfections more than hydrated, soft skin ladies. Argan oil’s fatty acids combined with vitamins A and E increase the elasticity of your skin, and protect it from future UV rays and environmental damage.




While acne is most often associated with our awkward teenage years, it really does not discriminate based on age. Adult acne is more common than you think and can result from changes in hormones, antibiotics, free radicals in the air, or genetics (thanks, mom).  Not to worry though, pure argan oil has been proven to reduce the sebum levels that can lead to breakouts without clogging your pores like say, olive oil.


Stretch Marks


Stretch marks are not just for pregnant women … they can creep up on us (literally) at various points in our lives. Whether you are a young adult who shot up three or four inches, gained and then lost a bunch of weight, or recently entered your second or third trimester of pregnancy, you may just be lucky enough to see a stretch mark or two.


Dry, Chapped Skin


How many of us wake up in the morning with irritated skin that looks like it has been through a dry wind machine? *raises both hands* Wrinkles and imperfections can be much more noticeable when skin is dry, so slather on the moisturizing oil to reduce the appearance of fine lines and flaky patches.


Eczema and Psoriasis


While there are many prescription treatments for both of these skin conditions, they can lead to many other unwanted side effects. Massage some argan oil into the affected area to reduce irritation, inflammation, itchiness, and redness.


Hair and Nail Treatment


Brittle hair and nails can be caused by low biotin in your body. Utilize argan oil alongside a daily multi-vitamin or biotin supplement and you can be sure to see results … strong, shiny, conditioned nails!


As you can see, it’s no surprise that argan oil is what most 21st century beauticians refer to as “the elixir of youth” and is constantly used in some of today’s top beauty serums. While many brands use this ‘liquid gold’ in their products, they also include artificial chemicals that can counteract the oil’s benefits altogether. We recommend purchasing the oil in its purest form, unrefined or organic. Having trouble recognizing the items in the ingredients list? Put that bottle back on the shelf, girl. 


Many products combine argan oil with other natural carrier oils (like lavender, eucalyptus, tea tree, jojoba, etc) and this is absolutely, A-OKAY. Actually, it is wonderful! As long as its natural and of the highest quality, its allowed on our skin. Bubble and Beau’s All Over It Argan Oil and Lavender Oil is a perfect example of adding a few drops of another natural oil for maximum benefits. Lavender oil works wonderfully with the argan for similar benefits, while its scent de-stresses and calms the nervous system (yes, please). So basically, we can fight aging, de-stress, and smell amazing with this product? Woot, woot!


Got all that, ladies? Now, who else is ready to age gracefully and still have money left over to take a trip to Bora Bora or invest in the latest crypo-currency trend? Ultimately, when you compare the number of products (eye creams, body lotions, hair serums, nail conditioners, and more) you can replace with one bottle of Argan Oil, adding multi-tasking to your beauty routine just became a whole lot easier.